Personal Training


Lucy has been helping me get fit again after a long recovery from cancer, aged 41. Then after a yearlong battle with a bad hip, I thought I was done with exercise.  I then decided to try training with Lucy, now I am able to run up & down stairs & do normal things without being in pain and dare to hope that I might actually get back to the fitness levels I once had.  With a carefully tailor made series of gentle exercises that built up my strength & flexibility and progressed each session, I’m now on the road to recovery.  Lucy pushed me enough to make safe & gentle progress but listened carefully to what I felt I could & couldn’t do and never bullied me into doing things I wasn’t comfortable doing. I am very grateful to her & hope to be fit enough soon to join one of her amazing classes! Thank you Lucy!

Mrs O

At 63 I have lost track of the number of years Lucy has been training me, but I keep coming back for more.  She is patient and friendly, and likes to make sure I enjoy the training with occasional bouts of my favourite, Boxercise.  She learnt quickly which exercises suited me, including some to help me add range and power to my golf.  She uses her knowledge of muscles to design a programme that’s challenging to start with and then gives me a real sense of achievement when I have improved over the 8 week cycle.

Recently she has helped me with two specific issues.  I was going to cancel training because my back was stiff and painful; instead we did a full hour of stretching and afterwards I was able to move freely again – wonderful.  The other issue was little leaks – she was easy to talk to about the problem and we have been working on pelvic floor exercises which have started to make a difference.

Fitness Yoga


Lucy’s classes are great, they are fun & relaxing & I feel great afterwards! Lucy spends time with everyone in class, teaching correct posture. My aching back seems to have disappeared, I also feel like my general flexibility & muscle toning have improved. Come along & try her fitness yoga classes, I highly recommend it.


I thoroughly enjoy this class, Lucy is a superb instructor.  Not only does she give specific advice & tips but she comes around to us individually & tweeks our positions as we all have different flexibility strengths.  I always come away from the class feeling so invigorated.  It’s amazing how quickly the time goes by!  I would absolutely recommend that you try Fitness Yoga with Lucy. 

Emma & Tom

I had been looking for some Yoga or Pilates classes ever since my car accident as it was advised by doctors, a lot of classes I found were too expensive or meant I had to join a gym and pay a monthly fee, Fitness Yoga with Lucy has been amazing.  It’s right on my doorstep & paying a very affordable rate weekly really helps me out.  The yoga itself has been amazing. It’s kept the whiplash headaches away and the general aches & pains in my back aren’t there anymore!!! Now my husband joins me too.


I find Lucy’s fitness so enjoyable, hard work yes, but so much fun along the way! The demonstrations in Insanity of both low & high impact is incredibly helpful when, like me, you might struggle on some moves and want to take it down a step, although the motivation from Lucy usually gets me jumping again!  Having the class broken down into fast high impact sections that change in a routine keeps it enjoyable and new each time.  Following on with Fitness Yoga feels great for stretching and calming the mind after.  You definitely know you’ve had a work out but in that ‘wow, I could take on the world now’ sort of way! Thanks Lucy!


Rob & Sandie

We have known Lucy for around 18 months.  Her classes are fun.  She is always full of energy and makes classes really enjoyable.  She is good with technique and provides alternatives where necessary to help those in her class where she needs to.  We really love her classes & would recommend to others.


I have been going to Lucy’s classes for 3-4 years now and have always found them challenging, engaging & fun!!  She has always been professional, approachable and happy to stay behind after class to answer any questions on technique or form, which has been a real help.  From Fitness Yoga to Body Combat, Lucy’s classes have definitely helped me meet my fitness goals!


Lucy’s classes are great! She is very clear with instructions and gets your energy levels going with enthusiasm and lots of fun.  Exercise is a pleasure with Lucy.  Her yoga knowledge is really beneficial when it boils down to alternative options due to injuries or illness.  I like the fact that she takes the time to correct the participants when necessary and help us to improve yet keeping it enjoyable and fun!  Thank you Lucy.

Paddock Wood

I have attended Lucy’s classes (Body Combat, Body Balance and Fitness Yoga) for a number of years. She always encourages good technique and my strength, flexibility and posture have all improved.

Post Natal


Lucy was the ideal person to help me kickstart my postnatal fitness campaign.  She was careful to ensure that the basics of posture and pelvic floor were looked after and helped me to build a foundation of good habits. She was also amazing with my little baby, holding him when necessary for the whole hour so that I could work out when he wouldn’t be put down! I feel stronger, more toned and more confident than I could have by just working out alone. Thanks Lucy!


Lucy has been fantastic helping me get back into shape after the birth of my baby with personal training sessions. She’s taught me strength routines, flexibility and core work, and Insanity-style blitzes. All the exercises have been tailored to my specific needs and requests, such as developing a routine that could fit with my daughter’s naps. And Lucy has been great at following up afterwards too. I’ve learned loads and been really inspired. I feel so much better for the exercise and have got back to my pre-pregnancy weight!


Lucy understood my postnatal lack of fitness and confidence and progressed at a pace that suited me. A year later I feel back to normal, particularly as we have focused on core strength. Lucy finds ways to fit exercise in with hectic family life!

Falls Prevention


 The classes are led by Lucy, an enthusiastic, encouraging & inspiring qualified fitness instructor, who runs through every exercise before inviting us to join her.  Above all, whilst there is a seriousness in carrying out the exercises, Lucy creates an atmosphere which is light & friendly with a sense of fun which creates a strong feeling of comradeship  amongst the members.  The class age range varies from mid 60s to 90s, but they all intend to enjoy life to the full in their latter years & see taking regular, gentle exercise as a big help in achieving this.  With this in mind, involvement in the class is invaluable as it helps by generating a greater confidence in the mind of the individual in going about everyday activities.

A super exercise class for us elderly people.  Lucy gives us great confidence in going about our normal lives, including balance work & muscle strengthening exercises, which are very helpful.  An excellent opportunity for the ‘seniors’ to enjoy their lives in the fullest possible way.

I have found the classes very helpful and my balance is gradually improving, thanks to Lucy.