Falls Prevention Exercise Class

Wednesday 3-4pm Age UK, Hollybush Court, Hollybush Close, Sevenoaks TN13 3UX £2 per class

Classes in association with Sevenoaks District Council 

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Falls prevention classes are open to over 60’s who are fearful of falling or have already fallen.

The classes aim to keep people moving, help improve balance, improve muscle & bone strength.  The classes also provide you with the necessary skills to get up off of the floor, if you needed it & were not injured.

The classes start off in the chair then progress to standing (if you want) & incorporate several rest periods before finishing in the chair again.  The class starts with a gentle warm up, mobilising the joints & starting to get the heart rate up, then we keep the heart rate up for a while, then we work on balance, then building strength in key areas (eg, legs & arms) using body weight & resistance bands before finishing with stretches & a little bit of tai chi.  Everyone is able to work at their own level.

It would be lovely to see you at the class, feel free to call me on 07748941101 if you would like to discuss the class further before joining.